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Beg – Borrow – Steal

Copyright and Fair Use: did you ask for permission? Have you just borrowed it without the owners knowledge? Did you steal it? Do you know? This is a hot topic in schools, especially as our students can be worldwide published … Continue reading

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Looking for Option 2 collaborative partner!

“Option 2: In a small group that contains at least one person outside your school, create a unit planner (using the UbD template) on the enduring understanding of this course that helps teach students about 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues. … Continue reading

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Footprints – Tattoos – CVs

Digital Tattoo As an international educator is is key to have a professional brand.  I went to a workshop last year about branding yourself and getting your educational philosophy out there to be seen by future employers and of course your … Continue reading

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Final Project 1- UbD planner

The following unit will be used with my grade 7 class.  This unit is a move away from hard skills.  I have decided to move the focus from front loading the students with information about how to use photoshop or … Continue reading

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