Final Project 1- UbD planner

The following unit will be used with my grade 7 class.  This unit is a move away from hard skills.  I have decided to move the focus from front loading the students with information about how to use photoshop or GIMP.  I did this in previous years and got some rather narrow results, they basically just regurgitated some tools and techniques that they had picked up along the way.  With this move I hope that my students can connect with technology and use it as a tool to aid their work.  I would like the to have an understanding on how technology is just that – a tool.  To be a successful graphic designer there is so much more than just using and tinkering with photoshop.

Further to this, reflecting on my last post I do not want to be the sage on the stage imparting my knowledge – filling the little vessels.  I talked with my students and we found that most of them used some kind of photo editing/graphics software and all of them used you tube to figure out how it worked.  Again this connects with that flipped classroom – so why not run with it during my lessons.

Throughout this first course I have been forced to re-examine my stance on technology education and connect with educators across the world who have also come to this cross roads in their teaching,

21st century learners is a term we hear all too often, but have we really done anything about it? Shouldn’t we have prepared our students for the 21st century before 2017 – I mean we’re 17 years in and still we seem to be fumbling with the term,

I have read some amazing insightful blogs, adding to my existing knowledge and opening my mind to new ideas.  I have read some interesting papers explaining and deepening my understanding about current tech education and how we have arrives at the point we are at.  There are some very exciting young educators and some outstanding TED talks and you tube videos and these are all tool that I was to bring into my classroom.  So have course 1 changed me?  Not yet, but I’m sure on the road of development and look forwards to moving through the next 5 course!

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