Looking for Option 2 collaborative partner!

Option 2: In a small group that contains at least one person outside your school, create a unit planner (using the UbD template) on the enduring understanding of this course that helps teach students about 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues. Include a reflective blog post describing choices you made in developing the unit planner i.e. strategies used, topics covered, unit evaluation etc. In your blog post embed your unit planner from Google Docs.”

For this course I would like to develop an introduction to digital safety with elementary/primary aged children.  We are at the beginning of the school year and I feel that this would be beneficial to all.  I would like to start with giving children the opportunity to inquire into our RUA agreement.  This is based on the IB learner profile and was developed by a fellow COETAILer a couple of year ago.  I want to introduce the idea of the digital tattoo, as previously discussed in my last post footprints-tattoos-cvs.  Abbi Sandweiss, would this interest you?  Please get in touch…

RUA – PYP NIS 2016


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