Course 3 Reflection

For the final course 3 project I chose to reflect on my digital story.  I picked this project as I found it the most challenging and it made me really think about the purpose and my audiences.

Edit one…

I started with three Google slideshows, found all the media that I wanted to use and started to upload it to iMovie.  Thinking that I would be finished in a few minutes I started to drag the content of each slide into the project bar – easy right? No! I ran into my first problem.  I was halfway through this process when I realised that I was already up to 17+ minutes.  I watch what I had dutifully dragged in and it was rubbish, disjointed and boring.  I had to go back to the drawing board.  At this point I decided to consult with my Grade 1 class, as after all this digital story was to document the journey of our lessons and final artworks.  We picked a few pictures they they felt were key to their learning and their favourite YouTube clips.  I went back to iMovie and gave it a second go.  This time I had their suggestions and choices in mind.

Edit two!

OK I was getting closer. I listened to a few TED talks (The Evolution of Digital Story Telling, The Power of Digital Story Telling, and Digital Story Telling, changing people, perceptions and lives) and thought about the purpose of this digital story.  What did I really want it to say? I wanted it to be a talking point for my students, to help them explain to their parents what we have been learning in out Unit on line and colour. It was at this point I had to think about the transition between the images, looking at the flow of the story. Emily Bailin’s opening on where people are from really made me think about this.  When you ask someone where they are from they tell you a place, when I asked the kids what we have been learning they tell me ART, Paul Klee, Colours… But few went in-depth.  They didn’t explain where we had been on our journey.

Edit three.

My 18 editors asked to see the ‘MOVIE’, these 7 year olds are harsh critics!  I was too long, and apparently, movies have more music and people speaking in them.  I went back to iMovie and asked myself if this told a complete story.  The kids were right, it did need some music, it also needed more talking – well slides with text (I don’t have the tone for a voice over!).  I took several images out, I cut one of the youtube clips and I started to add the ‘bells and whistles’.  I was struggling to think about how I could combine images.  I made use of the different options in iMovie, looking at ‘Picture in Picture’, background and titles.  Further to this I downloaded copyright free music from the YouTube creator studio (I searched for Happy) and started to combine these effect to make the move less ‘boring’.  I ensured that I had continuity when it came to colours and fonts – trying to bring the eclectic mixture of medias together.

It really does take a long time to make a movie, to tell a digital story, to make sure that you get the point across.  I am not sure that the time it took me really is a viable option for my lessons.  I struggled to stick to 5 minutes, I really have a new found appreciation for the You Tube videos that I watch now. Sharing my process with my students has sparked their interest in making movies and our next project is to recreate the Sesame Street video about the 3 primary colour (I’m sorry if that song is rattling around your head over and over again – I know the Homeroom teachers love me a little less for it!).  When I have completed that video with my students I will share it in a blog.

The three slideshows I started with:

My final iMovie (allow there are still a few things that I would like to improve)


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