A little about me


The Sun was shining – Road Trip!


A night out on the town – well Halloween at School

International Day

International day – definitely proud to be Scottish!


Can you see Mt Fuji?


Well…. Here’s the low down:

I’m Scottish

I graduated from Edinburgh University in 2003 with a 2.1 in Primary Education (B.Ed hons)

I have a Masters in Education (M.Ed) from the Open University

I have taught in Edinburgh, Shetland, Porto, Cairo and currently Nagoya.

I have had a variety of roles, teaching assistant, primary 3 teacher, year 6 teacher, ICT coordinator, Homeroom teacher, grade 3 PYP teacher, MYP Design, Technology Coordinator… and next year part time PYP Visual Arts Teacher for grades 1 & 2…… yes I have had a varied career but the backbone has always been tech.