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Community Engagement (PLC/PLN)

A culminating blog post describing your Community Engagement experience with documented evidence of ongoing, back-and-forth communication. This reflection should include your participation in your personal learning network over the course of this program as well as your continued plans for future growth. In … Continue reading

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InfoGraphics – Prep or Procrastination?

Infographic and their use in my teaching… Do they have a place? Another wasted use of my prep time or a key teaching resource? Megan Jaegerman’s use of colour to highlight the the key aspects of the key point of … Continue reading

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Final Project 2 – RUA’s and How They Keep Us Safe Online

“We may have been great fools to develop the post office, to invent the newspaper and the railway; but the harm is done – it will be our children who will see it; we have created a Frankenstein monster at whom our … Continue reading

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Empower – Inspire – Impact

The title of this blog is a play on my schools tagline “Inquire – Inspire – Impact” But why did I change it?  I’m talking about Technology and young people, I really don’t think we need to encourage them to … Continue reading

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